What Do You Do With Your Wardrobe

Today, wardrobes are a very popular method of storage in the bedroom, We’re not just talking about storage systems that include special systems, shelving or drawers that fit in a wardrobe; we are talking the actual units that turn an otherwise empty piece of wall space into a great storage area. Having a wardrobe installed can give you huge options in relation to the storage and it also helps to get rid of the clutter and disorganization usually found in bedrooms (especially those of teenagers).

These wardrobes can be designed and built to fit into most spaces and alcoves, and even those who are not blessed with large amounts of space in their bedrooms can opt for corner units. Obviously though, the longer the wall space, the better.

When it comes to designing your wardrobe, sit and work out what, and how much stuff, will be stored within it once it is completed. You could create an inventory of your things to help you with this task. Whatever needs storing, make a list of the – clothes, shoes, jewelry, odds, and ends. Then work out how you will be storing these in the wardrobe. For example, hanging, on shelves, in drawers, and then figure out how deep or wide you will need all of these to be.

Maybe one rail will be enough; then again, maybe you will require two or three shorter ones. The options are almost limitless. Rails are available in a plethora of sizes, or you could have them custom made for you, depending on how you have had the wardrobe designed/built. They are also easily obtainable from DIY and home supply shops.

You can also make a great design with shelving, which will not only enhance the wardrobe as a whole but will add another practical storage option to your solution. When designing the wardrobe you are only limited by the extent of your imagination and you can add an array of weird and wonderful touches. What about creating special areas of the wardrobe for bins or baskets? These can be great for the laundry or for just throwing in bits and pieces.

The whole wardrobe can be finished off with some great door designs, and it is these that can add a different perspective to the bedroom as a whole. The choice of doors you can add variety, but the most popular today and those which afford greater space saving are the sliding doors.

Once you have reached a decision on all these options, you could end up with something that is not only going to be a functional mainstay of your bedroom when it comes to the storage issues, but also something that is going to enhance the aesthetics of the room, or even changing the room’s appearance totally.