Have you ever thought of a perfect hen party? It might be more than a failure before you even start your party plans. In most cases, such plans are left to the maid. Therefore it will be good if you give her some direction. Do you think that people will clash and split the day into different parts? You should consider having two hen dos if there is a disagreement between your friends.

Do you know the real pain of having people who shy to have fun with you? Here are some of the ideas you should put in mind when organizing a hen party for the bride or even a potential bride.


This is arguably the most important thing before organizing anything. When do you want to have your hen party? You can choose one day a week before the wedding. If possible, you should hold the hen party the night before the big day. In that case, make sure that you have planned well for that party. Good plans will arguably maximize the numbers of people who will be attending. In addition, don’t forget to invite her best friends


There is no doubt that cash is king. Do you know that money can be a deal-breaker for some people? With that in mind, have a realistic budget. A good budget will make the day extremely special for the bride. Although it might be quite difficult, it will greatly affect the people to invite and also the location. Also, you need to pay on time. If you opt to pay later, this will lead to resentment. The chief bridesmaid is responsible to collect the money. Therefore, you should not leave the duty to the bride


Where will you hold the party? Over the years, we have seen multiple types of hen dos. While some people prefer holding the hen party at friend’s house, others do it at the pub. You should look for a nice destination. In fact, for the last couple of years, the hen party has been an excuse for girl bonding. Make sure that you have the best places whenever you decide. What if you choose abroad? All that you need to do is to make sure that everyone has a valid passport


Usually, this will lead to numerous arguments. In that case, you should try your best to involve all the guests. Don’t fear to ask them “what are we doing?” because this will bring a lot of conflicting ideas. You should never hide your plans. Never be shy to tell them what you think about. Obviously, some people will not agree with you. You will never please everyone. Therefore you should go with what your bride wants.


Are you sure that most brides would prefer their hen dos to be involved in an awesome hen party? Comedy clubs and strip shows are some of the most popular evening activities. Away from that, you should arrange some day time activities.