Tips On Writing the Best CV

Tips On Writing the Best CV

You’ve just graduated? Have you been settling for the job you are currently in? Do you know what you like but you’re facing a problem applying or getting accepted to your perfect job? If you are miserable at work, you will never really reach your potential. As a matter of fact, you have no potential at a job you are no passionate about.

We feel you, and we compiled the best tips that will take you steps and miles closer to your dream job. Here are few tips on how to write an amazing CV for that job you’ve always dreamt of getting!

Don’t miss the basic information

Although many focuses on refining their CV, it is a common mistake that someone might miss adding crucial information like a job experience or specify the college they graduated from. Such information might be missed while someone is focusing on polishing a specific section more than another. All sections matter and all of them are important to employers.

Did you highlight your skills?

So you majored in political science but you have been always been interested in event planning and selling your events to those who are interested. You had your share of extracurricular activities at college? Make sure you list everything that is related to the job you want to join. Some do a huge mistake ignoring the activities that don’t seem professional enough. Well, those are the ones that reveal how skilled you are to join the job. Employers care more about what you did rather than the names you worked for.

Highlight what you achieved

Maybe you handled a job that didn’t give you many responsibilities, but if you were responsible for managing a social media page and eventually got conversions and leads that increased the companies sales, you will need to focus more on highlighting how much you achieved rather than how much was allocated to you.

Give yourself time to proofread

It is expected from anyone to have some spelling or grammatical mistakes, it is unacceptable from anyone to send out a CV with such mistakes. Employers pay a lot of attention to these mistakes that are often easily spotted. In order to prevent such a bad impression, you can re-read your CV a while after you’ve written it, you’ll have a new eye for linguistic mistakes and you will directly spot them and correct them.

Insert the right keywords

Yes! Nowadays, even your CV is getting crawled in order to match you with the right employers. You would rank for the right keywords. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you use the right keywords often. Are your potential employers looking for someone who uses in Design? Make sure you mention it throughout your CV without really spamming your resume with it.

Make it concise

Employers know what they are looking for and skim your CV looking for it. There is no need to stuff your CV with content that may not be very relevant to the position you are applying to. As a matter of fact, many recruiters emphasize on the importance of keeping details to reveal during the interview. Mention the important things, and keep the details for the face to face interview.